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Trick Cartoons

What Are Trick Cartoons?


A trick cartoon is one where a transformation occurs.  It may be...

    ...making a picture out of a word. 

    ...turning a picture of one object into a drawing of something else. 

    ...creating an optical illusion where two different things can be seen in the same drawing.  

    ...a drawing which changes when you turn the paper over.

Trick cartoons were very popular in vaudeville, where they were known as chalk talks.

What are the advantages of trick cartoons to you?

Trick Cartoons are fun.

The transformations are surprising and are often greeted with laughter. Cartoons are something that can be shared with family members and friends who weren't able to attend.

Trick Cartoons are intriguing.

Adults and children like to guess what the final result will be.

Trick Cartoons preserve the fun.

Face paint smears or washes off. Balloon sculptures burst or deflate.  A cartoon lasts.

A cartoon can be added to a scrapbook, bulletin board, or refrigerator for a lasting reminder of the good time you provided your guests.  At repeat performances, kids have shown Charlie cartoons they have had for over two years.

Trick Cartoons are quieter.

They don't squeak while being made or pop.

Trick Cartoons are non-hazardous.

The Federal Government has declared balloons a choking hazard. Also, with Trick Cartoons you don't have to be worried about guests with latex allergies.

Trick Cartoons offer more play value.

After receiving their cartoon, kids can color them in.

Trick Cartoons can provide name recognition.

Charlie adds the name of corporate clients to each cartoon he makes while employed by them.

Trick Cartoons help promote reading.

Many cartoons are based on letters and the word they spell out.

Trick Cartoons can be personalized.

Charlie frequently adds personal touches to a drawing to make it especially appropriate for the recipient.

Trick Cartoons are unusual.

Trick Cartoons, known as Chalktalks, were a popular form of entertainment during vaudeville. Charlie is one of the few entertainers today who has preserved this art form. Trick Cartoons can help your event stand out in the minds of your guests as something different.

Trick Cartoons are versatile.

The cartoons can be drawn on a large easel for stage shows, or drawn on a small pad of paper for walk around or table hopping.

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