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Two By Two #7

by Bruce "Charlie" Johnson

Test your knowledge of the International Clown Hall Of Fame inductees by trying to guess the answer to each of these questions.  A complete list of ICHOF inductees can be found at the bottom of this page.


  1. Which two ICHOF Inductees were advance clowns for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1975?
  2. Which two ICHOF Inductees directed week-long clown education programs?
  3. Which two ICHOF Inductees performed miniature car routines which included pulling a skunk out of their car?
  4. Which two ICHOF Inductees appeared together on the WGN TV production of Bozo's Big Top?
  5. Which two ICHOF Inductees were known as brothers although they weren't actually related?
  6. Which two ICHOF Inductees were Shakespearean clowns?
  7. Which ICHOF Inductee successfully impersonated another ICHOF Inductee, who was ill, in circus performances?

 The clowns who have been inducted into the ICHOF are Lou Jacobs, Mark Anthony, Felix Adler, Emmett Kelly, Sr., Red Skelton, Otto Griebling, Leon McBryde, Bob Keeshan, Joseph Grimaldi, Frosty Little, Michael Polakovs, Frankie Saluto, Bobby Kay, Dan Rice, Prince Paul Alpert, Adrian "Grock" Wettach, Paul Jung, Gene Lee, Arthur Pedlar, Roy Brown, Steve Smith, Albert Fratellini, Al Ross, Oleg Popov, Annie Fratellini, Bumpsey Anthony, Jim Howle, Joe Jackson,Sr., Nikolay Polikoff, Poodles Hanneford, Dimitri, Jimmy Williams, Don Durda, Chester Sherman, Joe Vanni, Bob Bell, Jackie LeClaire, Bert Williams, Bill Bailey, Footit and Chocolat, Robert Armin, Ernie Burch, Peggy Williams, Richard "Snowflake" Snowberg, Bill Irwin, Charlie Rivel, Bob Hamilton, Umberto "Antonet" Guillaume, Francesco Caroli, Nola Rae, Francois & Paul Fratellini, Duane Thorpe, George L. Fox, Billy Baker, Irvin Romig, Bill Ballantine, Charlie Chaplin, Avner Eisenberg, Barry "Grandma" Lubin, Charlie Cairoli, Happy Kellems,  Pinto Colvig, W.D. Robbins, Earl Chaney, Giovanni Zoppe, and Chester "Bobo" Barnett.


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