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The Clown In Times Volume Five


These four issues (17-20) of the Clown In Times, written and illustrated by Bruce "Charlie" Johnson were published in 1998-1999.  A series of articles in this volume described all of the award winning performances at the 1998 Clowns Of America International Convention, the only time these skits and parade routines appeared in print.  This volume also included many articles about western comedy and how it could be adapted by clowns.  Issue Eighteen focused on Lucille Ball and how she incorporated classic clown routines into her shows.  Issue Nineteen focused on clowns appearing in figuring skating shows.  

This volume is available as a 118-page bound edition for $22.00  

Individual issues are available for $5 each.

Please add $5 postage and handling with each order.

        "I would like to repeat what I have said in other volumes.  I believe it is important to learn about our past because this is the foundation we build upon for tomorrow.  The past though isn't a restraint that stifles creativity.  It is a springboard that helps us become more creative.  It is our source of inspiration, wisdom, and ideas.  My goal through the Clown In Times is not to create clones who look and think the same, but to provide each of you with resources to become the best clown you can be."  -- Bruce "Charlie" Johnson, from the Welcome to Issue Seventeen.

Issue Seventeen

Cover Illustration - Barry "Grandma" Lubin

Contents: Welcome, Barry "Grandma" Lubin, ICHOF 1998 Inductees, 1998 COAI Competition Coverage, Happy 90th Birthday Milton Berle, Parade Routine: Terry Bloes & His Cell Phone, There's Gold, Ragtime- The Musical, Jesteryear, It's In The Mail, Letter Writing & Character Development, Classic Routine: Make It Bigger, Books: Milton Berle's Private Joke File, In Memory - Roy Rogers, Movies: Trigger Jr., Western Comic Sidekicks, Chinese Folk Heroes, Zorro, 100 Years 100 Movies, The Five Yard Stick Balance, Special Olympics 30th Anniversary, Puzzles and Quizzes

Issue Eighteen

Cover Illustration - Lucille Ball

Contents: Welcome, Lucille Ball - Hollywood's Female Clown,  Classic Routine: Guzzler's Gin, Classic Routine: Slowly I Turned/ Niagara Falls, Comedy Technique: Incongruity, Award Winning Skit: The Body Shop, Parade Routine: Honeymoon Sandwich, Jesteryear, International Clown Hall Of Fame Board, Clowns For Children's Hospital, The Second Shepherd's Play, Read Any Good Books Lately, In Memory - Shari Lewis, Puzzles and Quizzes 

Issue Nineteen

Cover Illustration - Hans Leiter and Mr. Frick

Contents: Welcome, Ice Skating Clowns, Mr. Frick, Hans Leiter, Discover Stars On Ice, Kurt Browning- Raggidin The Clown, Classic Routine: The Bucket Chase, Classic Routine: The Mirror, Jesteryear, Books: Clown Scenes, Movies: Patch Adams, Canada's Circus Stamps, Our Kids On Parade, Theatrical Clowning: Fool Moon, 1999 ICHOF Nominees, Puzzles and Quizzes

Issue Twenty

Cover Illustration - Richard Snowberg

Contents: Richard Snowberg, 1999 ICHOF Inductees, In Memory- Senor Wences, Jim Howle's First Circus Season, Classic Routine: Niagara Falls, Classic Routine: The Growing Machine, Award Winning Skit: The First Night, The Spotlight, 1999 WCA Convention Shows, Jesteryear, Oh Yes He Can!, Editorial: The Internet, Soda Pop's Newsletter, Smiley Burnette, Foolproof, Are You Musical?, Danger! Explosives!, In Memory - Bill Ballantine, Puzzles and Quizzes, Index to Volume Five

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