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The Clown In Times Volume Four


These four issues (13-16) of The Clown In Times were published in 1997-1998.  In response to a reader's survey, this volume placed greater emphasis on foreign clowns, female clowns, and classic routines.  This volume also started a series of articles on museums and other places of interest to clowns.  Issue fourteen was a tribute to Red Skelton and also included many articles related to the 127th Edition of the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus™.  This volume also included directions for a magic effect, and for making a napkin rose.  Issue fifteen and sixteen focused on two creative approaches to developing your own skits, switching and using a mind map.  Bound into issue sixteen is the full color U-W Clown Camp™ brochure with an identification key to the clowns depicted.  

This volume is available as a 120-page bound edition for $22.00  

Individual issues are available for $5 each.

Please add $5 postage and handling with each order.

Issue Thirteen

Cover Illustration - Arthur Pedlar

Contents: Welcome, Arthur Pedlar, Straightmen, Planned Improvisation, Tad Lucas - Female Rodeo Clown, Classic Routines: The Candy Store, There's The Phone, Classic Routines: Gorilla Parody, Classic Routines: Cups & Balls, Wenatchee Youth Circus, In Memory - Jimmy Stewart, In Memory - Annie Fratellini, In Memory - George Fenneman, In Memory - Yuri Nikulin, In Memory - Tony Caluga, Jesteryear, Timeline: Laugh-Makers Magazine (Part One), Television's Best Episodes, May 1997 Sweep, Cirque Du Soleil, General Halftracks Sensitivity, Books of Skits: Clown Act Omnibus & The World's Funniest Clown Skits, Definitions, Movies: Airbud, Villains, Puzzles and Quizzes

Issue Fourteen    

Cover Illustration - Red Skelton

Contents: In Tribute: Red Skelton, The Illusive Rubber Chicken, Three Ring Circus Adventure, Weaving Loop Magic, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Vercoe's Birth, First Family of TV Comedy, Jesteryear, Happy Birthday Happy Face, Nasir Ed Din's Sermon, Timeline: Laugh-Makers Part 2, Journey Down The Nile, David Larible's Plants, Now A Word From Our Sponsor, Amos N Andy's Christmas Spirit, Happy Anniversay Howdy Doody, Classic Routines: Impresonation Acts, Classic Routines: Sharpshooter, Puzzles and Quizzes

Issue Fifteen

Cover Illustration - Lou Jacobs

Contents: Lou Jacobs' Miniature Car, All The Nose Fit To Print, Classic Routines: Stage Coach, Rev. Spooner & His Comedy Descendents, Airhead Ventriloquist, Timeline: Laugh-Makers Part 3, Movies: Flubber, Classic Routines: Disappearing Water, OPPORTUNITY IS NOWHERE, Jesteryear, The Creation of Clarabell, In Memory - Bob Bell, Rock (Christmas Tree) Soup, He Talks, Books: Holy Humor & More Holy Humor, The Museum of Television & Radio, Television: The Greatest Show On Earth, COAI Competition Experiment, Don't Be A Photo Copy, RBB&B Clown College™ Closes, Practical Points: Foam Props, Puzzles and Quizzes, In Memory - Henny Youngman

Issue Sixteen

Cover Illustration - Bill Irwin

Contents: Welcome, Bill Irwin - Circus & Theatrical Clown, Vercoe and Partner, International Clown Hall of Fame Nominees, Happy 20th Anniversay Garfield, Books: Twenty Years And Still Kicking, Napkin Rose, Classic Routines: The Whip Cracker, Classic Routines: Throwing Pebbles, Safari Shotgun (Mind Mapping), Help I'm Lost, Happy Father's Day, Movies: The Clown and The Kids, The Circus World Museum, Jesteryear, Video: Chaplin The Collection, TV Comes Of Age, 1998 U-W Clown Camp™ Brochure, Puzzles and Quizzes, Index to Volume Four

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