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The Clown In Times Volume Three


These four issues (9-12) of The Clown In Times were published in 1996-1997.  The Clown In Times was written and illustrated by Bruce "Charlie" Johnson.  These four issues are available as a special bound edition of 108 pages.  This volume featured theme issues.  Issue Nine focused on the 1996 International Clown Hall of Fame Inductees.  Issue Ten on the 126th Edition of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus™.  Issue Eleven focused on two special branches of clowning, Rodeo Clowning and Gospel Clown Ministry.  Issue Twelve continued the focus on Rodeo Clowning. 

This volume is available as a bound edition for $22.00  

Individual issues are available for $5 each.

Please add $5 postage and handling with each order.

Issue Nine

Cover Illustration - Bert Williams

Contents:Welcome, Blackface Clowns, Bert Williams, Timeline: Bozo, Auto Thrill Show Clowning, Movies: Greatest Show On Earth, National Clown Week, Jesteryear, Dressage, Red Nose Philosophers & Friends, Classic Routines: Slydini's Balls Over The Head, Terms, Puzzles and Quizzes

Issue Ten

Cover Illustration - Tammy & Tommy Parrish

Contents: Welcome, Editorial: Historical Correctness Part Two - Competition, Classic Routines: The Talking Machine, Playing Games With Bobo, Jesteryear, Clown TV, The Clown Family, Car Wash, Clown Charivari Again, Ariana, Tammy and Tommy Parish, Disney's Fantasy On Parade, Books: Disney A to Z, Christmas Mysteries, In Memory - Dorothy Lamour, In Memory - Morey Amsterdam, Movies: The Fat Man, Elephant's American Bicentennial, International Clown Hall of Fame, Puzzles and Quizzes (Including Search For Women Comics word search)

Issue Eleven

Cover Illustration - Jasbo Fulkerson

Contents: Welcome, Editorial: Historical Correctness Part Three, Laughter Clubs International, Books: Toby Tyler, Mr. Stubbs Brother, Chuck Reducks, Movies Toby Tyler, Der Fuehrer's Face, Circus Comic Strips, Jesteryear, Classic Routine: Magic Coloring Book, The Twelve Days of Clowning, Jasbo Fulkerson - The Original Barrel Clown, Leonid Yengivarov - Armenian Mime, The Clown Ministry Impact Conference, Timeline: The Clown Ministry Impact Conference, Passover Miracle Illusions, American Circus Calendar, The Northwest Comedifest & Stage Coaches, Puzzles and Quizzes

Issue Twelve

Cover Illustration - Nikolai "Coco" Poliakoff

Contents: Welcome, Editorial: Exclusive Vs Inclusive Definitions, The Great Comics Switcheroonie of 1997, Cartoonist's Thanksgiving Day Hunger Project, Comic Ingenuity, Congratulations Bobby and Gene Clark, In Memory - Buck LeGrand, Jesteryear, The Dali Lama's Jester, Nikolai "Coco" Poliakoff, The Death of Paul Jerome, What's In A Name?, Senor Wences, Movies: He Who Gets Slapped, Books: Fearless Funnymen & Greasepaint Matadors, Classic Routines: Toilet Paper Blow, Footit and Chocolat Duo, Breaking Barriers, Puzzles and Quizzes, Index to Volume Three

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