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by Bruce "Charlie" Johnson

Sorcerer's Apprentice

        Magical things happen when Charlie, the janitor, starts playing with the absent magician's props.  This "manipulative" magic performance is a delightful combination of skill and comedy. (Bruce is fully licensed to use all the music in this show.)  An exhibition of Clowning Through The Twentieth Century can be arranged in conjunction with this performance. Art Exhibit

Story Time with Santa and Mrs. Claus

    More then just a visit from Santa, this is a complete half-hour entertaining show with holiday magic, storytelling, humor, and audience participation.  Bruce and Carole Johnson impersonate the famous holiday couple.  This is an excellent program for young children who might be uncertain around Santa because they get to interact with him from a distance so they become used to them before they come close.  The humor and magic appeals to the parents and grandparents so it is great for multigenerational audiences.  This show promotes reading, and is ideal for libraries.  The show can be followed by lap visits with Santa.  Bring your own camera for the excellent photo opportunities.

The Magic Of The Season

    A Christmas themed variety show with magic and juggling.   This show includes holiday versions of Bruce's most popular routines from The Sorcerer's Apprentice and The Magic of Juggling, plus new routines created specifically for this production.

Happy Birthday Jesus

        This combination of Bruce's birthday party routines, Gospel clown ministry routines, and special material created specifically for this show will help youngsters understand the true meaning of Christmas.

The Magic of Juggling

        This variety show combines plate spinning, magic, juggling, pantomime, and audience interaction.  Featured are Bruce's signature effects including his original Three Color Book Monte.  An ideal show for family audiences.  Children enjoy it, but adults really appreciate the skill involved.  This show is tailored to fit each individual audience and can be adjusted to fit your time frame.  (Bruce is fully licensed to use all the music in this show.) An exhibition of Clowning Through The Twentieth Century can be arranged in conjunction with this performance. Art Exhibit

Happy Birthday Variety Show

       The best in family entertainment by one of America's most respected and honored clowns. A delightful combination of magic, juggling, pantomime, and audience interaction.  A variety show tailored for birthday celebrations.  It's interactive format gets all the guests involved.  The birthday child is spotlighted frequently during the show.  A birthday message, which they get to keep, is produced for them by magic.  Have your camera ready because near the end of the show, the birthday child helps Charlie magically produce a large American flag.  Adults enjoy this performance just as much, if not more, then the children.  It is ideal for those adult birthdays that end in a "0".  (Bruce is fully licensed to use all the music in this show.) Click Here for further information about Charlie's Birthday Party Package.

Make A Joyful Noise

        A variety show with a light Gospel message centered on God's love for us.  Bruce is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, and uses illusions to help children remember the message.  This show is ideal for those church celebrations (Mother- Daughter Banquet, Sunday School Rally Day, Annual Church Picnic, Harvest Festival, etc.) where you want to combine fun with a message.  This is an ideal program for public outreach events where you hope to encourage visitors to return for other church events.

The Tramp Tradition

        In this entertaining and educational performance, Bruce recreates routines performed by famous or significant tramp clowns while a narrator puts the routines into historical perspective. A PowerPoint program is used to display pen & ink drawings Bruce has done of the clowns.  This show includes monologues, dialogues, juggling, magic, chalktalks, cigar box manipulation, classic clown routines, and pantomimes.  (Available in either sixty or ninety minute versions.)  (Bruce is fully licensed to use all the music in this show.)

The Art Of The Clown

    This educational demonstration/ performance is intended for preschools, libraries, elementary schools, and senior centers.  Bruce talks about the art of clowning while applying his make up and transforming into Charlie The Juggling Clown.  Then he demonstrates many of the different kinds of acts performed by clowns.  The exact content of the performance is adjusted to make it appropriate to the age of the audience.

Jest Because

    This entertaining and educational presentation helps participants discover the links between humor & health and humor & creativity.  You will learn how to make humor a part of your life, and the many benefits from doing that.

How to Contact Bruce

Charlie's Creative Comedy, P.O.Box 82084, Kenmore, WA 98028

Phone: 425-481-7143




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