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The Clown In Times

"If you have not heard of Bruce's 'The Clown In Times' publication, you are missing out on one of the best clown history pieces available. It is a GREAT magazine/publication." - Rick Struve, Soda Pop's Newsletter

"I read each issue straight through in one sitting and wish there were more.  I laugh some, cry a little and work harder at being a clown after each one.  It's such a warm relief to find you well-focused on what I like to call the "heart" of clowning, the love, kindness, playfulness and wisdom that make clowning such a healing activity." - Richard O'Hughson

"It is with great interest that I read The Clown In Times.  You are to be commended for your efforts in your work.  It is my belief that some of your articles carry information that can help caring clowns." - Kitty Cooper

"It is so full of essential information for the student who knows he will never know it all, and I put myself at the top of that list." - Arthur "Vercoe" Pedlar

"Charlie is not only a professional clown and a master writer, but he is also an excellent illustrator.  Each issue has a beautiful pen drawing of a clown (or two clowns) on the cover that is worth the price of the issue!" - Kaye Mach

"You are providing a valuable service that will lead to clowns receiving more respect." - Richard Snowberg

"Bruce Johnson is an excellent writer and certainly shows that he is well versed in not only current-day clowning, but also historical clowning.  In each issue, he explores certain aspects of clowning as well as personalities who call themselves "clowns."  Each issue has interesting "thought provokers" in the form of quizzes, name search puzzles, quotations, etc." - The Clarion, Al. G. Barnes Ring # 6, Circus Model Builders

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