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Clowning Through The Twentieth Century

An Educational Exhibition of Clown Art

Pen and ink illustrations of the most influential Clowns from 1900-2000!

Each drawing is matted with a one page description

of that clown's accomplishments and place in history.

By Bruce "Charlie" Johnson 

Bruce Johnson is an entertainer who is also known as one of America's leading clown historians. In addition, he is becoming known for his pen and ink illustrations of clowns. From 1994 until 2000, Bruce wrote, illustrated, and published "The Clown In Times," a quarterly journal devoted to clown history. 

His illustrations have also appeared in "Laugh-Makers Magazine", COAI's the "New Calliope," and WCA's "Clowning Around." The World Clown Association has commissioned Bruce five times to create a portrait of the organization's outgoing president as a thank you for their service. Some of his illustrations have been added to the archives of the Moscow State College of Circus and Variety Arts.  He recently wrote and illustrated the Creativity for Entertainers trilogy.

From Evetta Matthews, a female clown featured on a 1895 Barnum & Bailey Circus poster, to Bill Irwin, who won a 1999 Tony Award for his clown show on Broadway , Bruce's drawings and text take you through the history of each clown and his or her place in the march through the 20th century. 

This drawing is of Karandash. 

Karandash.jpg (51523 bytes)

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Here are snapshots from this extraordinary exhibit at the 2000 Northwest Festival of Clowns in Olympia, WA. 

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This exhibit is available for clown conventions and conferences, senior centers, art galleries, park and recreation departments, libraries, and other venues.  It can be exhibited in combination with lectures on the art of clowning or performances by Bruce as Charlie The Juggling Clown.  In May 2001, the Lynnwood Senior Center displayed part of the exhibition and hosted a popular lecture by Bruce that combined two topics, the history of clowns and the link between humor and health.

This exhibit was featured at the 2001 Northwest Festival of Clowns in Portland, OR.  Pictures from the exhibit were included on the Good Morning Portland TV program.  The exhibit was also featured at the 2004 Northwest Festival of Clowns in Tacoma, WA.

Part of the exhibit was selected by the Lynnwood Arts Commission to be displayed in the Lynnwood (WA) Library Art Gallery.  Nine of the drawings, plus a selection of clown memorabilia, were on display during August 2002.  A portion of the exhibit was also displayed at the Lynnwood Senior Center.  It was displayed at the 2005 Circus Fans of America Convention.  It has been displayed in connection with several of Bruce's performances.

Blank note cards featuring some of the art from this exhibit are available. Note Cards

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