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The Clown In Times Volume One


    The first issue of The Clown In Times, a quarterly journal devoted to the history of clowning and its relevancy to what we do today, was published in September 1994.  The Clown In Times was written and illustrated by Bruce "Charlie" Johnson.  

This volume is available as a 102-page bound edition for $22.00  

Individual issues are available for $5 each.

Please add $5 postage and handling with each order.

Issue One  

Cover Illustration - Otto Griebling

Contents: Welcome, Edwin "Poodles" Hanneford, What's In A Date?, What Year Is That Edition?, Timeline: Poodles Hanneford, Clown Car, Cinema: Circus World, Jesteryear, Circus Boy, Multicultural Clowns, Name Search (Multicultural Clowns), Video: Milton Berle, Quiz

Issue Two 

Cover Illustration - Marceline Orbes and Frank Slivers Oakley 

Contents: Welcome, Christmas Pantomimes, Commedia Dell Arte Characters, Shakespeare's Clowns Part One, Trivia, Clown Car Today, Mathematical Edition, Hippodrome Theater, Editorial - Studying Theatrical Clowns provides ideas we can use today, Movie: Billy Rose's Jumbo, Routine: The Mirror, Books: 200 Years Of The Circus In America, Jesteryear, Timeline: Hippodrome Theater, Multicultural Match, Quiz

Issue Three 

Cover Illustration - Jim McIntyre and Tom Heath 

Contents: Welcome, Happy 100th Birthday Newspaper Comics, Cartoons and Clowns, Comic Strip Tramps, KoKo - Out Of The Inkwell, Pinto Colvig, Jesteryear, Shakespeare's Clowns Part Two: William Kemp, Timeline: William Kemp's Roles, Classic Routines: The Spotlight, McIntyre and Heath - The Original Tramp Clowns, Profile: Joe Jackson Sr., Movies: At The Circus, Books: Clowns Of The Hopi and Sacred Clowns, Charlie Cairoli Appreciation Society, Editorial - Female Clowns Were More Common Than People Assume, Quizzes and Puzzles

Issue Four 

Cover Illustration - Dan Rice 

Contents: Welcome, WCA Convention Shows, Conference On The Positive Poser of Humor and Creativity, Healing Humor, Dr. Dan Rice - Doctor of Drollery, Shakespeare's Clowns Part Three: Robert Armin, Dan Rice - Shakespearean Jester, Zachary Taylor - The Clown's President, A Pig In A Joke, Billy Buttons or The Tailor's Ride, Happey Anniversary RBB&B Circus, Animal Rights, Jesteryear, Video: Freddy The Freeloader's Christmas Dinner, Books: Shakespeare A to Z and Who's Who In Shakespeare, Timeline: International Clown Hall of Fame, Puzzles and Quizzes, Mark Anthony's Memorial Service, In Memory of Mark Anthony, Index to Volume One

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