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The Clown In Times Volume Six


These four issues (21-24) of The Clown In Times, written and illustrated by Bruce "Charlie" Johnson, were published in 1999-2000.  They were the last four issues to be published.  Two themes ran throughout this issue.  The first was how clowns have used music as part of their acts.  The second was the specialty of Sports Clowning.  Issue twenty two includes reprints of articles by two other authors, the only time articles by somebody else appeared in The Clown In Times.  

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Issue Twenty One    

Cover Illustration - Charlie Rivel

Contents: Welcome, Charlie Rivel, Antonet - Straightman Supreme, Editorial: Your Contribution To Clown History, Classic Routine: The Music Box, Mrs. Malaprop's Minions, Sheridan's Influence, Jack Jumps In, Board Balance, George L. Fox - Patriotic Clown, Recording: Circus Day Music, Video: The World's Greatest Showmen, Movies: Seeing Red, A. Robbins - The Original Banana Man, Jesteryear, In Memory - Amelia Adler, In Memory - Freddy Lee, In Memory - Kenneth Gosselin, Puzzles and Quizzes

Issue Twenty Two

Cover Illustration - Charlie Cairoli

Contents: Welcome, England's Beloved Charlie Cairoli, Long-necked Bumpsy Anthony, Do-Dino The Dean of Clowns, Looking Back: Entertainment at the Beginning of the Millenium, Updated Classic Routine: Channel Surfing, Charlie The Janitor, Do It Backward, Comedy Mind Reading, Mind Reading Parlor Games, Jesteryear, In Memory - Max Patkin, Thanks For The Memories Max Patkin (by Dwight Jaynes), Books: The Joyful Christ, Movie: Run Appaloosa Run, The Bulletin Says..., An Announcement, Living Cartoon Characters, Looking Forward: Clown Creed 2000 (by David Bartlett), Musical Boxing, Puzzles and Quizzes

Issue Twenty Three

Cover Illustration - Victor Borge

Contents: Welcome, Victor Borge - Comedy In Music, Kurt Browning, Classic Routine: Straw Flower, Corky's Calisthenics, Classic Routine: Safe Cracker, Classic Routine: Mismade Statue, Classic Routine: The Strongest Man In The World, Books: Felix Adler, Jesteryear, In Memory - Charles Schultz, In Memory - George Carl, In Memory - Doug Henning, Early Female Clowns, It's In The Bag Contest, Baseball's Indianapolis Clowns, L'Universe starring the Flying Karamozov Brothers, Puzzles and Quizzes

Issue Twenty Four

Cover Illustration - Bruce "Charlie" Johnson 

Contents: Welcome, John Durang - America's First Circus Clown, Auriol - French Grotesque, Dimitri - Clown In Circus and On Stage, Wilbur Plaugher - Rodeo Clown, Clown Statues, Classic Routine: Washerwoman, Classic Routine: The Growing Machine, Classic Routine: Whistling Midget, The Little Man, Multiplying Wands, The Harlem Globetrotters - Magicians of Basketball, Goose Tatum - Sports Clown, S.M.I.L.E. (Safety Magic In Law Enforcement), Clowns International, Jesteryear, Videos: The Gospel According To Roly, Only Fools and Heroes, Disney On Parade, Timeline: The Royal Liechenstein Circus, Sincerity, My Career, Puzzles and Quizzes, Index to Volume Six

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