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The Clown In Times Volume Two


    These four issues (5-8) of The Clown In Times were published in 1995-1996.  Starting with Issue Five, the page numbers for each volume continued from one issue to the next, making the index easier to prepare and use.  A series of articles in this volume described clown routines incorporating dogs.    

This volume is available as a 130-page bound edition for $22.00  

Individual issues are available for $5 each.

Please add $5 postage and handling with each order.

Issue Five

Cover Illustration - Vladimir Durov 

Contents: Welcome, Editorial: Clown Styles, TV Clowns, Fred "Mombo" Petrick, Jesteryear, Amelia Butler - America's First Lady of Clowning, Mark Anthony - Foam Prop Artist, Durov Brothers - Jesters To His Majesty The People & Gentle Trainers, Dog Gone Funny (Part One), Books: Animal Scam, Joel Goodman's Lifetime of Laughter, 1995 Clown Hall Of Fame Inductees, Video Mister Rogers Neighborhood - Circus Fun, Movie: The Circus Clown, Timeline: University of Wisconsin Clown Campô, Puzzles and Quizzes

Issue Six

Cover Illustration - Buster Keaton

Contents: Welcome, Comic Strip Stamps, Happy 100th Birthday Motion Picture Industry, Timeline: Development of the Movies, Happy 100th Birthday Buster Keaton, Video: Mickey's Fun Songs Let's Go To The Circus, Philemon - Patron Saint of Clowning, Movies: Merry Andrew, Busy Bee or Don't Cut The Roast, 100 Years Ago - Women Clowns, Dog Gone Funny Too, Feast of Fools, Jesteryear, Books: Chronicle of The Cinema, Puzzles and Quizzes

Issue Seven 

Cover Illustration - George Burns

Contents: Welcome, Also Dog Gone Funny, Pet Therapy, Rodeo Magic, Editorial - What's In A Name?, In Memory: George Burns, Timeline: George Burns, All The Nose That's Fit To Print, Classic Routines: The Leaps, Marie Dressler - The Ugly Duckling, In Memory - Duane "Uncle Soapy" Thorpe, In Memory - Minnie Pearl, In Memory - Victor Vladimirov, Jesteryear, Fellowship of Merry Christians, Book: Ghostmasters, Video: Ghostmasters Video, Societes Joyeuses, Puzzles and Quizzes

Issue Eight

Cover Illustration - Minnie Pearl

Contents: Welcome, Chicago Hope (Episodes featuring the Big Apple Clown Care Unit), Michael Christensen - Big Apple Clown, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Editorial: Historical Correctness, The Tom Belling Legend, Books: The History of Clowns For Beginners, Sing Clown Sing, Chou - China's Operatic Clowns, Hokey Pokey, Timeline: World Clown Association, Howdy Minnie Pearl, All The Nose That's Fit To Print, Classic Routine: Charivari, Puzzles and Quizzes, Index To Volume Two

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