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Page 64 The college professor I quote is by Norma Brindel Gibbs.

Page 71 The line by Lou Costello should read, ”I used to work out with a baseball team…”

Page 121 Charles Schultz is the proper spelling of the cartoonist’s name.

Page 151 Sibling Revelry should be Sibling Rivalry

Page 132, 134  Kaedean Doppelmayr  is the correct spelling for the person who demonstrated Mr Zippy.

Page 155  The correct spelling of the comic strip is Dennis the Menace.

Page 223  The acronym created by Ayan and Berg is TRANSFORM

Page 223  The correct title of the Ayan book is Aha! Ten Ways To Free Your Creative Spirit

Page 241  bibliographical should be biographical

Page 258  After publication of my book, Mary Pat Booth changed her name to Mary Pat McCoy.

Page 443 Civil Way should be Civil War

Page 501  The index listing for little Little Walker should be Little Walter.  (His name is spelled correctly in the text on page 425.)

 These five listings in the index for volume two are an error.  The entries they refer to are in Volume One.

                    Bob See Johnson, Jay

                    Bronco Billy. See Lucas, Ronn

                    Full Light Seance. See Johnson, Ray

                    Seuss, Doctor. See Geisel, Theodore

                     Cornwall , Randy 196

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